Frequent questions
How much is the shipping?2023-07-19T06:24:46+00:00

Shipping of our products is free (Spanish peninsula) for orders over €50. We work with MRW and GLS. For shipments outside the peninsula, consult our conditions without obligation. For the international shipment, please contact us.

When will my order arrive?2023-07-19T06:24:46+00:00

The shipping time is from 24h to 48h (business days). Our shipments are managed from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. From 12 noon, the requested order will be processed for the following day.

How can I return or cancel my order?2023-07-19T06:24:46+00:00

From the moment you receive the product, if you detect any problem with the packaging or preservation of the product (production defect only), you will have 15 business days to make the return without any additional cost, since we are responsible for the quality of the product.

As it is a food product, we cannot proceed with post-sale changes that are not justified. In the case of cancellation of the order, you can process it through customer service.

How can I pay for my order?2023-07-19T06:17:30+00:00

You can make the payment by any credit or debit card or by bank transfer.

How can I use discount codes?2023-07-19T06:18:03+00:00

If you have a discount coupon, you can use it in the purchase process in the DISCOUNT CODE section. Discount codes are not cumulative or transferable.

Can I request an invoice?2023-07-19T06:18:49+00:00

To request the invoice for your purchase, you can do so by email or WhatsApp (once you have made the purchase).

How durable is it?2023-07-19T06:20:03+00:00

In the case of shavings, it has a preferential consumption of 6 months. For other products, consult customer service.

How are our products preserved?2023-07-19T06:19:31+00:00

The best way to preserve all our products is refrigerated. Keeping them in the fridge will preserve all the properties of the product.

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