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We are committed to being transparent in our communications and actions, maintaining integrity at all times. Enjoy exclusive products for business partners (wholesalers) with special prices and services.
Would you like to offer our ham shavings in your business, whether you have a shop, restaurant, cafeteria, hotel or catering?

Based on several years of experience in the sector, we will be your reliable partner. We would love to work with you and support each other to offer good quality products to our end customers.

We are not new, we have been in the distribution sector for 30 years representing high-level brands. Thanks to this experience, years ago we began to develop the production of chips to serve our customers. We have managed to enter the market by differentiating ourselves with a more elaborate product. Even if they are shavings, not everything goes, we have developed a formula that consists of choosing the best raw material from our suppliers and leaving a better finished product.

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We develop products suitable for your business, offering the customization option. We always maintain quality with our trusted suppliers. We share consumer trend insights in the sector.

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